About Barack Ochondo

Barack Ochondo was educated at Lone Star College-North Harris in Houston, where he completed an Applied Sciences degree. He then worked for many United States government organizations including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Aeronautics. A Maximo engineer and architect by training, his knowledge of Maximo makes Barack Ochondo a valuable asset for any organization relying on vast data processing networks. Tivoli, TSRM, TAMIT, MXES, Syclo Mobile Suite, and DataSplice Mobile Suite are but a few of the platforms with which Barack Ochondo is familiar. A team member and a leader, he knows how to implement different Maximo protocols depending on the environment he is managing.

Because of the variety of platforms Barack Ochondo uses, he is versed in such programming languages as Crystal Reports, Actuate versions 7 and 8, Maximo version 2.X-6.0-7.1, PL/SQL, SQL, and Brio SQR. His work with databases has made him proficient in Oracle, Sybase, MS Access, and MS SQL Server. Over the years, Barack Ochondo has also had opportunities to use different types of servers, including standard Windows servers, and  Linux-based system and Sam-configured Hewlett-Packard Company UNIX interfaces. He is also capable of supporting extensions such as Lotus Notes and Visio.

Barack Ochondo contributes to Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative’s development of a center of excellence in the Kenyan city of Kisumu. His hope is that the organization manages to implement effective HIV-treatment and prevention programs there.

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